What are the Latest Trends in Construction Projects?

To keep ahead of the competition, you need to keep pace with the current trends in the construction industry. 

The advent of new technology is increasing profit margins and reducing the ineffectiveness of construction projects. Read on to find out how these trends are proving to be valuable to construction company.

1.Use of Drones in Construction

The risk of theft of costly construction equipment is also minimized when drones are in use as on-site security tools. 

This is one of the coolest commercial construction trends right now is , if not the coolest. Equipped with electronics and cameras, drones can access remote areas to collect real-time data. They can also be used to check the progress of a construction project and inspect the safety of workers. 

With a decrease in the costs of high-quality drones, using them has become a common thing among workers. Even Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being used to move construction equipment in an organized way. 

2.Better Equipment for Safety

More and more machines in the construction industry are becoming capable of eliminating threats to workers’ safety after identifying them. For example, workers’ boots have been tweaked in a way that alerts others via Wi-Fi when a worker falls.

Robot surveying equipment is making it easier for workers to spot any common safety issues on a site, and the quality of cooling vests is also being enhanced. 

These days, construction workers are even using environmental sensors. By detecting the amount of heat, noise, and the wind speed at construction sites, it can warn the workers to evacuate the sites on time. 

3.Building Information Modeling (BIM)

With BIM, workers can generate representations of utilities, buildings, and roads on a computer. This makes it easier for them not only to manage models, but also to share data, leading to project completion on time. 

BIM lets building owners generate maintenance schedules. Engineers and architects are also using BIM to predict job costs and to understand the issues that a specific construction project may face. In this way, BIM ensures that the building process is safer, faster, and more collaborative. 
Some of the best BIM software solutions in 2019 include BIMx, Builder-trend, and Open Buildings Designer. These solutions are helping construction industry leaders manage their buildings and infrastructure with better efficiency. 

4. Green Construction Technology

Studies show that green buildings can have a promising physiological and psychological effect on their occupants. This is one of the reasons why green construction is on the rise today.

Plus, it reduces the unnecessary use of resources by using building models. A third reason for which green building is so popular now is that the technology can easily reduce the carbon footprint of a building. 

Right from planning a construction project to executing it, workers are focusing more on those projects which are environmentally responsible. 

Sustainable construction that seeks to preserve the natural environment is also connected to green building. For example, workers can design a building in a way so that the toilets are flushed with drain water from sinks. 

Thus, green construction technology and design are making more resource-efficient construction projects possible.

5.Improved Construction Management Software

Construction management software includes software for project management, billing, accounting, project scheduling, bidding, estimating, and changing orders. Such integrated software solutions have become better as well as affordable.

In 2019, some of the top construction management software solutions are RADAR, CoConstruct, ComputerEase, and BuildTools. Construction workers are going with software that’s scalable and easy to use.

The construction business landscape is undergoing a change due to these trends in the construction industry. As more and more workers are leveraging new technologies and adopting new building practices, the construction industry has quite a positive outlook.

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