4 Construction Industry Trends in 2020

Every industry keeps evolving every day, every year. With the industry related to commercial construction in Calgary, it’s the same. Whether there are changes in the available technology or in the workforce, this industry has to accommodate these trends. It’s only when you keep pace with the latest industry trends that you can move forward. 

For instance, here are some construction industry trends you should watch out in 2020

1.Exoskeletons for More Safety

The construction field involves no small number of dangers to the construction workers. In no industry can people’s safety be compromised with, not even in the construction industry. 

That’s why 2020 will be bringing in more exoskeletons to adhere to the safety standards at construction sites. Apart from taking care of workers’ safety, exoskeletons will allow construction workers to carry more loads than their normal human bodies would otherwise.

2. Sustainable Construction Materials

In these troubled times, when everyone is afraid of the possible consequences of climate change, sustainability is key. Using sustainable building materials ensures that the available resources are used efficiently to preserve the environment. 

At the same time, builders keep in mind that future generations must also be able to use enough of these resources. This trend will continue in 2020, too.

For example, a company carrying out commercial construction in Edmonton can erect a completely energy-efficient building. This may include a building where water from the sink in the bathroom is reused.  Such resource optimization makes sure that the construction industry has a sustainable future as it is. 

3. 3D Concrete Printing

This construction industry trend is definitely going to grab eyeballs in 2020. 3D printing will let contractors prefabricate construction solutions both on-site as well as off-site, thus reducing waste.

For instance, it takes even less than 24 hours to 3D print an entire house today. 

As this technology continues to develop rapidly, companies involved in commercial construction in Edmonton in 2020 will come up with innovative and futuristic projects which will take the construction industry forward.

4.Virtual Reality

There’s no end to technological advancements, and 2020 will see contractors using even more advanced technologies than that which are available in 2019 itself. 

Virtual Reality, for instance, allows contractors to view their project in a new, more accurate light. They can take stock of all the complex logistics associated with the construction project, and have all the necessary data at their disposal. 

Such VR technologies are going to get more advanced in 2020, making it easier for contractors to plan and design buildings to the satisfaction of their clients and customers.

With every coming year, the trends governing the construction industry are bound to change. To make every commercial construction in Edmonton a success, you always need to make sure that you and your building projects change accordingly. Shrinking project timelines make it necessary to incorporate technological improvements in the building industry, thereby revolutionizing the way construction companies work. 

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