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We are aware that the facilities have changed over the past years, we are proud to say that our ability to adapt to the changing situations has brought us where we are.

Proficient Facility Management

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Customized Solutions

We are comprehensive facility management providers with our foot in various industries. Our team of experts have years of experience and knowledge allowing us to provide custom solutions for your interior construction problems, we offer the highest priority to our clients.

We work for you to achieve the gold standards of living with our best-in-class services that will make sure you work in a clean and healthy environment. It does not matter if it is a technical issue or daily operational support; we provide the best services due to our extensive capabilities in this field. We offer the highest support in the form of facility management to make sure that you meet your business goals. We promise to leave an impact on the environment by combining our expertise with the right clientele in the field. We serve our customers in many sectors of the industry such as pharmaceutical, educational, commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental. 

We Commit to Reliability

We offer many services to our clientele but our core is rooted  in facility management where we achieve and maintain the highest order of efficiency and effectiveness keeping in mind the expectations of our customers and comfort for the tenants. Our in-house programs include: Preventive Maintenance, Health and Safety, Air Quality Management, Asset Maintenance, Critical Support Function, Cost Management, 
Help Desk Provisions, Work Order Processing etc. We sustain to provide our customers with the best and highest quality services that are cost-effective, safe and delivered on time. In addition to this, to enhance our services even more for the goodwill of the client, we offer to rely on subcontract management. We do not compromise with the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we try our best to provide them with what they desire to manage the facility in good fortune.


Facility Management Services

Facility management services include an adequate and professional arrangement to upkeep the quality and maintenance of the property. The environment that surrounds us can easily judge our quality of life. Our facility management services include a spectrum of different activities such as:

Housekeeping Services, Pantry service, pest control services, support staff services, cleaning services, floor polishing services, Gardening services and security services, Electro-mechanical services, plumbing services and many more.

Responsibilities of Facility Managers

Subcontract Management

The Make Group Facility Management services also include ‘design-build’ construction and task order contracts, which is exclusively a part of what we provide the best. We have successfully worked on the following subcontract management projects:

We are proud to say that our team of facility management experts is dedicated to offering you their services even after the completion of the task. We are experts at maintaining complete buildings and houses. We ensure the on-ground and physical infrastructure’s cleanliness and maintenance of a healthy environment and ensuring a premium standard of living.

The Make Group offers various schemes and packages as a facility management service and most of them are very well appreciated by the top organizations. We are a recognized corporation and are well known to build long-lasting customer relations.

Facility Management Services at The Make Group function by hiring a third-party service provider to maintain a part of an organization or the whole organization, according to their provision of standards offered to customers.

Thus, outsourced management of our Facility management wing will ensure the safety and cleanliness of the premises. Our services include hard-core and soft-core services, which we follow to satisfy our customers to the best of our abilities.

Why choose us?

As a facility management service provider, we conduct regular audits to deliver the best results to our customers. A routine cleaning program is what we follow to maintain the cleanliness and standard of the premises we work for. As one of the best facility management service providers in the city, we keep our own commercial outlets clean and inviting for the customers to follow the trail and trust us with what we do best.

Our Core Values

By allowing us to manage your task for you, you are unburdening a huge weight off your shoulders and you can focus on other important tasks in your business. The Make Group offers technical expertise and experienced workers do the best job for you so that you feel the premium at your organization. By hiring us as your facility management service providers, we ensure to take the burden for you so that you can focus on your key-core activities to boost your business.

Why Clients Love Us ?

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Contact us if you wish to get some essential weight off your shoulders and we will make sure the burden does not let you down again. Our maintaining services will ensure that your organization looks fresh, inviting, and productive always.

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