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We are a team of professional and talented people offering wide ranges of  design and construction services. We have the resources and flexibility to meet a project’s needs, no matter the requirements.

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Planning Construction Projects

A perfect construction project begins with an excellent planning. The first stage of planning is the design. We have a team of vibrant and talented individuals, who can proficiently offer unique and innovative structural, architectural, electrical and mechanical design for a construction project.

At The Make Group, we value creativity in the designing process. At the same time, we follow the conventional as well as standardized norms so that construction project becomes safe and stable. Further, we are poised with efficiency and expertise to deal with inspections, permit packages, testing, quality assurance and management services. If you are looking for design and build contractor near me, we are here to meet your requirements.

Reliability and Professionalism

The Make Group stands for reliability and professionalism. We value our work and our clientele. We always make efforts to provide top notch quality services to our clientele so that 100% satisfaction from their end can be achieved. For any construction project, two things are considered as highly important or crucial. The first thing is time and the other thing is money.

Every client wants the project to be completed at the shortest possible time, and also cost-effectiveness has always been a common demand of the clientele. We follow a systematic and well-planned approach for time management. We set the deadline for the projects in a realistic way, and we have earned the reputation of finishing the projects on time through our consistent efforts in meeting the project deadlines.


Experience Counts!

As design build contractor we are working successfully with many clients providing top notch quality assurance.  With our experience, we can surely assure you the best quality solution.

We have a team of proficient and trained personnel. Every individual in our team undergoes proper training to deal with critical construction design projects. They have experience and expertise to meet the requirements of clients with perfection and are capable of providing innovative and unique designs for “out of the box” results.

Project Specializations

Bagging years of experience as design and build contractor, The Make Group has worked in various projects for different clients. Different clientele obviously have different or unique requirements. In order to meet special requirements, expertise or skill along with the experience is essential.

We have worked on various kinds of projects, and a few of the project details are highlighted below.

Standard and Methodical Process

Our Design and Build Process

The Initial Stage

At the initial stage, we provide the execution plan for the projects. Through various meetings, we try to understand the expectations of our client and note their preferences and feedbacks.

Detailed Design Option

We coordinate with statutory authorities, neighbors, insurance services, etc. Budget estimation is done based on a realistic budget estimation process, giving a proper and logical budget plan.

Developing Specifications

We try to access and identify material and equipment requirements for the construction project and focus on sourcing the materials, assemblies and components for the same.

Detailed Design

As a professional design contractor, we review primary designs and outline specifications. We also review the cost plan and budget estimation and prepare a detailed design.

Mechanical & Technical

Mechanical design is a critical process, and that is why we have experienced and skilled personnel to handle the mechanical design or technical design process for construction projects.

Detailed Design Report

To maintain transparency, we create a detailed design report for the convenience of the clients and provide them a manual to guide them on the technical aspects of the construction project.

Design and Build Services

High Quality Results

We have standardized processes to follow for design and build services for our clients. We offer meticulous and innovative service. At the same time, we take care of the preferences or requirements of clients with precision. Keeping the budget and time length for construction as per our promise is something that we always take with utter seriousness.

Offsite Construction Projects

Our architect led design build projects offer better quality and cost reduction. Though these two things are primarily taken under consideration, we also keep the environmental impact in mind when dealing with the design and build projects. With implementation of offsite and standardization processes, we try to assess the design and build projects.

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