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Project Management

A large scale construction project is not a simple thing. The project has to be managed well, and for seamless project management, proper project planning is needed. We provide end to end service to our clients in this matter. From project planning to design, management and execution, we offer complete assistance to clients.

Among the services that we provide to clientele, Capital Expenditure or Capex can be regarded as one of the most critical as well as crucial services. Now, the question is what is Capex? It is actually the acronym for Capital Expenditure. Capex means the investment of your company in physical assets. Properties can become a regular source of earning for a company or business. If a business owns a property, it can earn regular revenue through that. But, it is equally important to make the property earn worthy through renovation and repair.

Consult for Capex Projects

Well planned and meticulous approach for Capex projects will help a company to grow its physical assets. As a result, the company starts earning better revenue, and also it gains smooth as well as a steady foundation. We help companies from different aspects to renovate and refurbish their properties. Before the renovation, proper scrutiny of the property is essential. It will help to understand budget or expenditure, and also it will help to create a list of the tasks that are to be done.

The approach should be organized so that the accomplishment of the project can happen seamlessly.

Building Capex Budgets

Capex budget estimation is an important step, and we help the businesses to plan the budget with perfection. Budget planning is the key step for every business. From large to small scale business, everyone intends to follow a budget that would not put immense financial pressure on the organization. No business likes to enhance its overhead or budget expenditure on a project. Practical budget estimation is needed, and that is what we provide at The Make Group.

The first stage of Capex budget estimation is to understand corporate goals or objectives. For new ventures, Capex project will be different from the acquisition projects. We follow a methodical approach to understand business needs. We plan the capital expenditure in that manner. 

When it comes to physical assets, it also includes the equipment assets.  While physical assets like properties can last for a long time, equipment are short-lived. So, growth and realignment are given much importance in Capex budget estimation. 

The focus is given on the replacement of the units that come under the well-utilized category. The budget estimation is influenced by factors like availability, reliability, age and operating cost growth. 

This is an important stage of determining the estimated budget for Capex projects. We are proficient and reliable in budget estimation process through the capitalized rebuilds.

Standard and Methodical Process

Overview of Services

We have worked with various businesses and different kinds of Capex projects. Right from big to small scale projects, we possess expertise and experience to deal with different projects. It is the right time to elevate your business by renovating the existing property or through building an exceptionally modern property. We shall try to fulfill your requirements with perfection. We have years of experience to offer the most cutting edge solution for Capex projects. The key things that our Capex projects include are:

Unit Creation

That means we can turn your physical property into revenue fetching property. Having a property is not just enough. It needs to be converted into a profit making unit.

Unit Turnovers

Unit turnover is also an essential step, and it comes right after unit creation. We strive our best to ensure that your property never stays vacant and you keep generating income.

Design Services

Designing a construction plan is important, and we possess terrific expertise and experience in providing such a service. Our design service is something that will help you with perfection.

The Make Group offers complete service for capital expenditure projects. We are a team of enthusiastic, intelligent and proficient personnel who can provide the best solution regarding the Capex projects. Being a responsible and reliable service provider, The Make Group works in favor of earning high-end satisfaction from clients. Our services include:

How Can We Help You?

As stated, The Make Group offers a complete solution in the process of managing the Capex project. It is important to understand the different provisions and prospects of such projects. We can help you from various aspects in dealing with capital expenditure projects. Capex projects should not be viewed as a mere expenditure. It should be viewed as investments that can fetch a higher return. It helps businesses to enhance revenue from modifications or refurbishments to the physical asset.

We provide service for repair and rebuilding of the physical properties. Repairing the existing property will enhance its value and usability. For example, a hotel would look beautiful and well furnished with repair and rebuild solutions. As a result, the hotel would start earning higher revenue.

After repair and rebuild, a property needs continuous maintenance service. With continuous maintenance, it is possible to maintain the elegance of a property for a long time. With continual maintenance, the cost of repair and rebuild can be minimized. Overall, property life will be enhanced, along with that overall property value will also increase.

It is equally important to focus on the new construction. For that, different kinds of strategies have to be taken. Designing a new project is the area of our core expertise. We can provide the best solution in this regard. We are poised with exceptional knowledge and expertise to deal with new construction building projects.

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