Medical Construction

We are specialized at constructing and renovating healthcare facilities. We are experts at designing the facilities, which include Pharmacy, Veterinary, Dental Clinic, Medical store, optical clinic etc.

Where Building Meets Brilliance

At The Make Group, we always succeed in earning our clients’ trust, ensuring patients’ safety, and understanding our clients’ needs. We specialize in both commercial and residential construction, with our facility management services lighting up our clients’ faces with a smile.

Along with these services, we also devote ourselves to medical construction work. But we also understand that every healthcare construction project is not the same.

Before starting on any such project, we diversify our approach based on the clinical, financial, and technical requirements of the particular healthcare facility. On the completion of the project, our experts ensure that the facility meets your budget and satisfaction.

Of course, adhering to environmental regulations while constructing medical facilities is also one of our top priorities. This enables us to achieve success in building environments that contribute to the process of healing and wellness.


Designer Medical Construction at Alberta

Medical construction is not something to be taken lightly a tiny mistake in the building design, and the lives of hundreds will be at risk. It does not matter to us if you want a stylish healthcare facility or a minimal one. All you need to do is communicate your needs to us, and your wish is our command.

We, at The Make Group, are not your everyday medical facility constructors. We devise healthcare building design strategies in such a way as to ensure patients’ safety and contentment.

Providing our designer medical construction services at the Canadian province of Alberta, we thoroughly understand the unique requirements that the healthcare industry entails. Though our construction experts offer their services throughout Alberta, we primarily focus on Calgary, the largest city in Alberta.

Our experience in healthcare construction has led us to achieve valuable insights into the latest medical construction trends, so our clients can grab every new opportunity knocking at their door.

Our Healthcare Construction Services

The Make Group offers the following specialized medical construction services

Dental Clinic Construction

We have partnered with the best dental surgery equipment suppliers to provide exclusive planning and construction services for your dental clinic.

Physiotherapy Clinic Construction

We follow the independent's advantage rule. Making your dream healthcare facility design come true, we build physiotherapy clinics to perfection and your satisfaction.

Pharmacy Construction Solutions

Custom pharmacy building is our specialization, but our services don’t end there. We also renovate pharmacies to make them look brand-new.

The Make Group is not only the top healthcare facility builder at Alberta and Calgary, but is much more than that. Right from the earliest stages of planning and designing your medical construction project to wrapping it up, we focus on value addition. Working in collaboration with designers, end-users and contractors helps us complete your project in double-quick time. Whether it’s a pharmacy or a dental clinic, we seek to add significant value to your medical construction project by

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