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With the advent of medical researches, scientists have proved that drugs like Marijuana have positive health effects and can help in treating several mental health diseases. Now, some of the countries in the world have legalized this drug for medical use. One can hand over a prescription to the retail store and take marijuana with him, completely legalized.

One of the recent countries to get Cannabis legalized in Canada. In the rush of the hour, our customers wanted to invest in the Cannabis Store Construction. We, at The Make Group, are industry leaders in Cannabis Store Buildouts and our plan of action has always been one-step beyond ready.

Another project is constructed by the make group.



Another project is constructed by the make group.
Another project is constructed by the make group.





The business of selling cannabis and opening a cannabis retail outlet is explosive in Canada and the profits are skyrocketing with effect. In our survey, almost all cannabis stores sold out completely by the end of the day which shows the high demands of people for the drug.

During the construction, it turned important to understand the close relationship between the design and construction. We designed an integrated system describes the new facility, detailed plans and specifications, construction planning and much more. Architects and engineers handled various operational tasks with a range of precedence and several other tasks.


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