Kushbar Cannabis

Project Details

  • Client: Kushbar Cannabis
  • Segment: Cannabis stores
  • Role: Construction to Completion

Project Description

With the advent of medical researches, scientists have proved that drugs like Marijuana have positive health effects and can help in treating several mental health diseases. Now, some of the countries in the world have legalized this drug for medical use. One can hand over a prescription to the retail store and take marijuana with him, completely legalized.

One of the recent countries to get Cannabis legalized in Canada. In the rush of the hour, our customers wanted to invest in the Cannabis Store Construction. We, at The Make Group, are industry leaders in Cannabis Store Buildouts and our plan of action has always been one-step beyond ready.

Another project is constructed by the make group.


  • We overlooked and executed the process of getting four prime locations for Kushbar and our experts finalized the design, construction, and completion of the project.
  • We coordinated with Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGCL) in order to receive the mandatory license to operate a Legal Retail Cannabis Unit.
  • Managed construction components including store security, secured cannabis storage rooms, etc.
  • Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop for Retail cannabis Build outs in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.


  • Parcel Identifier or PID and issuance of full street address is required to know the location of the store. PID can be found on the tax assessment notice or property’s title. A full street address of the property is also included.
  • Proof of Ownership or any document is required to demonstrate the ownership of the property or conditional lease for the approval of cannabis retail license.
  • Cannabis retail store must be self-contained, as it cannot be used as a medical store or a pharmacy and cannot be operated as another business altogether.
  • Physical security requirements are to be fulfilled by providing a store plan, floor plan, and conditional security requirements.
  • Name restrictions include restricting words like a drug store, drugs, medicines, pharmacy, etc.
Another project is constructed by the make group.
Another project is constructed by the make group.


  • In the chemical history of Cannabis, the threat of fire or explosion prevails. This is because of unapproved butane-open blast explosions.
  • Worker safety is very essential due to chemicals used especially sulfur dioxide as a result of the fumigation process.
  • Electrical risks prevail as the functioning of equipment to maintain the ideal temperature for cannabis runs day and night, etc.


  • We met with the legal terms of provincial and territorial regulations under the compliance reporting system of law.
  • We understood and adhered to the cannabis marketing restrictions under the Cannabis act. Marketing includes local marketing as well as social media marketing.
  • We over-viewed the Canadian Dispensary Laws and Regulation’s by province and territory and adhered to the system of law.


The business of selling cannabis and opening a cannabis retail outlet is explosive in Canada and the profits are skyrocketing with effect. In our survey, almost all cannabis stores sold out completely by the end of the day which shows the high demands of people for the drug.

During the construction, it turned important to understand the close relationship between the design and construction. We designed an integrated system describes the new facility, detailed plans and specifications, construction planning and much more. Architects and engineers handled various operational tasks with a range of precedence and several other tasks.


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