Dental Clinic Construction

We, at The Make Group, are specialized at constructing and renovating healthcare facilities. We are experts at designing the facilities, which include Pharmacy, Veterinary, Dental Clinic, Medical store, optical clinic etc.

Healthcare Facility Development

We offer a wide variety of services from planning to designing, covering all the phases of construction. We have the required skill, knowledge and experience to make your next construction or renovation of a Dental Clinic, a successful one.

Our Service Approach

Experts at The Make group specialize in designing, construction and renovation of all the healthcare facilities such as a dental clinic. Over the past ten years, we have been involved with projects that include the construction and renovation of dental clinics, medical optical stores, pharmacies and veterinary clinics in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan.

Healthcare constructions can be extremely time-consuming if not handled by experts with a correct plan and professional execution. That technical expertise is required to carry out the construction in all its phases, i.e. from the initial planning stage, the designing of the area and through the entire phase of construction, so that your property looks the best.

We, at The Make Group, ensure that the design of the property is a blend of seamless aesthetics from healthcare facilities to small and big pharmacies. Healthcare buildings are significant to the health of the patients, not to forget the medical innovation and the overall health of our nation.

When it comes to designing these buildings, one needs to be very cautious about everything as one mistake could risk the lives of many. A conscious and sophisticated balance between the technical knowledge with the requirements of our professionals will save the lives of many with this act of good.

We make sure that whatever we construct or renovate, we have to make the premises look promising and stylish to fulfill the needs of the customer. Along with this, we also have to ensure that the place is clean, rejuvenating and portrays an environment of healing.

Our health care facilities will redefine the quote,‘ to make a good first impression’.

The healthcare facility speaks volume on how much we care about our customers; the facility will change the attitude of the employees and the patients as well. The final touches on our work also leaves a lot of impacts and the signage plays a very significant role in the integration of the desired work.

Delivering care to your customers is what we do at The Make Group. We will work with you to plan everything that you desire, perfect it with our expertise and will move that project up every single day until the last one.

Planning a Dental Clinic

Our space planners will guide you through the most efficient and effective spacing layout. We will help you prior to any permission from the boards or any approval from the board regulation department. We will provide you with an estimated amount way before the process starts, to help you save on money and hold your budget accordingly.

Our project managers will ensure the timely completion of the project because, for us, customer satisfaction is a priority. We understand that you don’t want to lose business during our construction project, do not worry at all, our construction planners will plan everything on your behalf to cause minimal disruptions during the course of the construction in the facility.


We offer a cutting edge design to make the health care administrators and staff feel exclusive with our planning and execution of the construction and renovation of the property. Health care facility buildings have an environment that requires health care equipment and machines to meet the standard needs of healthcare administrators.

In such a scenario, it is not a luxury to hire the best building contractors but a necessity. We are established in the Canadian Province of Alberta, which means that we are in the best position of handling most of the central healthcare clinics or facilities to expand our services even further.

We are proud to reveal that we are the technical experts in the design, planning and construction on Dental Clinics. We have a practical understanding of how dental practices work and function. Dental surgery design and equipment suppliers.

We are known to have detailed knowledge about the CQC requirements and for the purpose of dental surgery refurbishing, the HTM regulations. The design aspect also covers the aesthetic design, which is required in the waiting room areas and the reception.

We also supply medical grade surgical equipment and medical cabinets and other furniture, which is specially made tough to withstand the hustle in a healthcare facility all day long. Our experts understand the spacing concept a lot better and will guide you to maximize your space for effective and efficient functioning.

Standard and Methodical Process

Why Should You Hire Us?

If you are searching for a contractor company that knows how to design and construct a dental clinic, you are in the right place. Look no further than The Make Group! A dental office is not like any commercial office, it needs to be properly designed to fit in medical equipment and amenities to serve patients and staff. We have ten years of experience in creating a mesmerizing, soothing and minimalist office space for your dental clinic. Front desk to the dentist’s chair, we will create the best facility for the doctors and the patients to experience the feel-good factor.

An eye for Details

We work with experienced and reliable vendors who provide all sorts of dental equipment. Our team of experts is well aware of the rules and regulations and will religiously follow every protocol there is. We will achieve the design have envisioned for years for your medical facility.

Experienced medical facility contractors

We will ensure that your project is within your tied budget and completed within the dedicated period estimated. Our vendors are experienced in this field and use the custom approach to fulfil all the requirements of our customers and build their dream dental clinic with the best of our abilities.


Our Clients love Us

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