The multitude of tasks that go into the business building phase may seem daunting to new project managers, but when tackled step-by-step, they are relatively simple to accomplish. One has outlined the necessary steps for each general contractor in canada commercial construction phase. There are five phases between post-construction planning.

Following are the steps in the process of commercial construction in a systematized way-

Design process

Schematic projects should include fabrics, textures, sizes, and colors. Once one has decided on the overall size and function of the rooms, one’s team will need to consider the orientation of the building concerning utility connections and development covenants to make sure the project is feasible. Eventually, contract agreements have produced to set a schedule for a project and to determine the costs for each construction phase

Talk to City Planner / Rough draw some ideas with executors/friends / Speak to neighbors / Unified Development Process / Interview architects (test them with some small space development questions: e.g. what are some things one would like to do to make a small space feel and act bigger? High ceilings, enter living/dining room, high window. Create urban drawings/ Permit process-Review for new construction takes 10 days in Portland, then another 10 days for corrections / Allowances.

The owner shall give the contractor a notice to proceed, and the list of materials shall be sent out for quotes to suppliers and industrial subcontractors


Of all the building steps, this is the most critical. It can be effortless to choose a building site location, or it can be a royal pain. Learn more about choosing a venue for a building site as it is one of the most essential steps. Once a place is determined, and a budget is decided, it becomes easier to think about the next step. To streamline the process, appoint one’s architect and one’s general contractor as soon as possible; better yet, employ a company that is well experienced in design-building commercial building services.


Construction and post-construction commercial building.

Each building element, including plumbing, electrical wiring, and foundation, has to go through inspection until the work is completed. Near the end of construction, a punch-out project is undertaken to find minor issues such as broken tiles, and final repairs are made before furniture and appliances are brought in. Once all the specifications have been met, the project manager eventually issues a significant completion certificate so that a final inspection may be carried out by the building official.

Type of building— Break ground— Excavation— Floor— Concrete Blocks — For Foundation Wall— Concrete Slab Pour Gravel— Water Barrier— Rigid Foam — Rebar (and PEX radiant floor heating tubing) — Pour Concrete for Slab— Facilities — Sewer, Electrical, Air, Gas — Building — Balloon building — Sheathing— Roof — Stairs— Windows— Rain Screen. Mechanical Structures / HVAC /  Electrical and Lighting/Atmosphere/Task to do/Focus/Perimeter/Sealing air/Isolation/Spray Foam, Isolation Blown-in, or Batt Insulation/Drywall//Sheetrock, Mudding, Primer, Sanding/ Faceboard/ To board/ Tiling/Pictures/Shelving, cabinets/Terminate Plumbing/Electrical and Lighting Finish/Occupancy Certificates/Changes to/Step In.


The key to a smooth construction from the start is to choose the right contractor. One of the most hard-working and efficient contractors can be found in commercial construction in Calgary. The general contractor or various subcontractors buy all the products, machinery, and labor needed for the project. Orders to purchase should be drawn up to confirm that the items meet project requirements for the price agreed.

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