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The Make Group is a well-established name in the commercial construction industry. By offering our top-notch, high-end services in commercial and general construction, we like to bring smiles on our client’s faces. Our company specializes in converting your space to a professionally modest space with a touch of modernity and luxe.

“We understand the brilliant ideas in your mind and turn them into a reality!”

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We have delivered our services at dental offices, retail stores, plazas, shopping complexes and malls, salons, restaurants, co-working spaces, bars, clubs, and many other premises. Known for our general contracting services, our expertise helps you in transforming a tiny space to a heavenly place that you can proudly call as another abode. 

Over the years, we have created a strong reputation for the quality work done by our designers that we take pride upon.

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Commercial Construction


Expertise Addition

Enjoy the spacious and modern designs that even fit your pocket! We handle all projects delicately and are fully committed to our work. Starting from the railings on the exteriors to the tiles on the floor, leave everything to us. We have dedicated experience and expertise that ensures all needs are met in our commercial construction projects delivering the highest level of care at all times. Our team is a team of vetted professionals with a lifetime of experience, ensuring great working history with the founders. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied and that’s why we invest 2x the efforts.

We are a one stop shop. You don’t have to go anywhere else. We take care of everything. Completely headache free! We help you with all the permits and the documentation that is one of the pre-requisites needed to build or construct your project. Our vast array of services has been sprawled into the public sector as well as private organizations. The expertise comes naturally when you have grown from being a part of a full-service national firm with experience as directors and founders of prime commercial real estate.

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Our Expertise

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitality – Hotels/Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Big Box Retail
  • Departmental stores
  • Wineries
  • Data centers etc.

With extensive services, and experience we are working on a variety of special structures that are not just confined within the four walls of an office building. We have broadened our scope in worship, national, and other organizations, private clubs, etc. Our expertise do the budget control and creating a logistic and thoughtful plan and then that results in extensive designs. Not only pertaining to this, we firmly understand that such places can be crowded and that’s why we create protocols and strictly adhere to improvise on our skills and techniques. YES! We critically take the regulations.

Design & Build

Our primary motive is to offer the best, which includes, design and construction services that also put our customers in a happy mood. It includes:

  • Single point of accountability – You don’t have to worry once you have shared the work. We are the prime point of contact for the design and construction quality, cost and other programs.
  • Focus on buildability – Being expertise in this field for half of our lives, our mindful architects and engineers cater to maximize and create the design as the USP outset. We keep a close eye on health, cost, safety, and environmental management.
  • Cost savings – No decision should be taken at haste! Therefore, our services allow conceptualizing the building procedures and the cost is not a matter. 

We have strong networks and have to build a strong relationship all over the world. Let’s be partners and create wonders out of voids! We’d be happy to assist and work with your team.

Understanding the Project

We try to understand the industry that you’ve delved into. So much so, that it is truly reflected in our commercial project and our management skills show up wisely. Our work is our pride! That’s why we treat a commercial project as the most integral that needs proper skill set for the detailing which includes fixtures. 


Full-Fledged Deliveries

We understand how to work with quick turnaround times and we don’t mind saying that we are punctual like that! For everything we do in our work, is up close to personal. And we serve many commercial properties as mentioned above. Why not use our services instead? 

Let us give the power to renovate and do something unique that speaks volumes about your work. Consequently, we work consistently to notch up our commercial properties, so you may check our portfolio as well. We strive hard to make the dreams come true and put the ideas to life.

Our aim is to achieve your trust, develop a relationship, and clearly communicate for better and effective designs come into action and reality of your dreams!

Our structures provide non-process manufacturing building solutions to our clients in the Oil and Gas, Pipeline, LNG, Mining, and Power Generation Industries. With a geographical reach throughout Toronto, our commercial construction seeks to work with clients that are inspired by safety, quality, and collaboration in the construction of non-process industrial structures. Our project delivery services include:


We work as per our client’s expectations. That’s why we say that we work closely with the owners and the managers to understand their requisites and work according to their expectations.

We know what are the business challenges that may ring the doorbell at any time. Therefore, our renovation lies in facilitating with different facilities. Also, our experts use the best of the resources and create techniques that curb off the business down phase.


  • – No Hidden Fees
  • – Single Project Commitment
  • – Clear Communication
  • – Competitive Rates
  • – Dedicated Project Managers
  • – Fully Licensed and Insured Staff


''Get in touch with us and know that we are always looking to hear from you!"

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost can be anywhere around $50.00-$130.00 per square foot. It all depends on your project. It is very difficult to give a price on a project without having a look at your drawings.

You need drawings done by a licensed architect so that you can apply for a building permit. Without these drawings, the city will not grant you a building permit and you will not be able to construct your project.

The time it takes for a project to complete varies from project to project i.e. the design build process, the complexity of the project and wait times for the approval of inspections can all increase the amount of time needed before a project is completely finished. With that being said, on average the turnaround time before a project is completed is 3-4 months.

Just like banks have managers to manage the business, a general contractor ensures projects are delivered on time and within scope. The general contractor oversees over 30 trades. The job of a general contractor is to ensure all work performed is within building code and meets the standards outlined within the contract. They provide status report updates and take on the liability if anything goes wrong.


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