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We have  the flexibility to meet a project’s needs, no matter the requirements. Our commercial contractor works well within a traditional design-build system for a project; however, we also have knowledge as a construction manager- for both public and private clients.

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The Make Group construction services in Edmonton offers full-service construction management to profitable and residential clients. We work alongside our clients every step of the way, attending to everything from design to construction to final detail work.

As a total management service, Edmonton-based construction eliminates the need for multiple independent service providers like designers, builders, electricians, cabinets, etc. our team of commercial contractors takes care of all that. This provides you budget and cost control while saving you time and hassle.

With the make group as your total service provider, your time and budgetary restrictions become our objective rather than your hurdle.

Construction Outline Specifications

Client’s shouldn’t be left to wonder how much their project really costs to build, or how long commercial construction will take. We produce accurate Outline Specifications and detailed schedules with which we can then develop strict cost estimates for.

The Architect or designer, client, and contractor all need to be on the same page when it comes to knowing what to assume at a project’s completion. With Projects, therefore, develops specifications to describe design and construction details of the project plans and formally define everyone’s expectations for the finished project. These specifications include detailed site work, building envelope requirements, mechanical and electrical requirements, specialty items or built-ins, and a qualitative level for fixtures and finishes.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial Structures and Site work

With our team of professionals and industries best sub-trades, we provide value-added engineering to maximize efficiencies with existing site conditions. We follow proven processes to ensure that construction occurs on time and a budget to a predetermined quality, and we maintain strong project oversight during each stage of your project – so you don’t have to. With many years of experience, The Make Group has proven itself uniquely to assist businesses and institutions with complex construction tasks.

We have the flexibility to meet a project’s needs, no matter the requirements. Our commercial contractor works well within a traditional design-build system for a project; however, we also have knowledge as a construction manager- for both public and private clients.

What do we provide?


Commercial Renovation in Edmonton

Edmonton’s the make group construction offers total renovation services. Our commercial makeovers services include office towers, tenant improvements, and specialty remodeling, such as for restaurants. Our multifamily remodeling services offer a striking vision and practical design. Whatever you need to re-imagine and rebuild your commercial space, the make group can make it happen.

Our commercial contractors work extensively with large property-management companies to improve tenant spaces. Our projects have included some of the largest and most recognizable tenant buildings in Edmonton.

Better Design & Experience

We provide retail build-outs. Retailers often work in restrictive spaces. The make group offers solutions to reconfigure these spaces with designs that are both aesthetically distinct and practical, giving your customers a stylish experience while your staff enjoys a practical layout.

Edmonton-based the make group construction offers extensive office rejuvenation, rebuild, and commercial renovation services, turning bland, uninspired, and impractical designs into inspired and functional spaces for your Calgary company.

Specialized Construction

The make group construction also builds specialized spaces like medical and dental offices, restaurants, research facilities, and laboratories. These spaces have specialized needs that ensure occupant safety. One of the best commercial construction contractors in Edmonton; We can handle the regulatory requirements of your specialized work area. Our history provides us with the experience to meet your specific building regulations.

Our management team provides you with all the commercial renovation services to bring your project to completion, eliminating need for multiple teams. We provide everything from project design to demolition to final detail work—including custom-cabinet installation and mill work. Trust the make group Construction and feel proud with your specialized commercial space.

Does your project necessitate new construction or an existing space be retrofitted to suit your needs? What about single or multi-story construction? Urban or suburban? We develop programmed requirements based on input from you and your key staff and then apply those parameters to different marketplace alternatives. This, in turn, offers you the most efficient, economical, and aesthetic options moving forward.

Your needs are unique. That’s why the make group works extensively with clients to help establish and quantify their specific project requirements. We factor in reflections of future growth, as well as wider market changes within their sphere of operation. We have the experience required to simplify leasehold improvements and we understand the importance between a real-estate proforma and successfully accomplishing occupancy.

Our focus is on providing clientele with the highest level of design, while simultaneously coordinating between all the necessary participants to ensure the most economical outcome is achieved. Our goal is to build from the ground up. Whether large or small, our team tackles every project with an assurance to exceed expectations, providing the service and workmanship that brings project success.

Construction to Completion

We take our clients’ projects from concept to completion. We build projects of all sizes, including multifamily complexes, custom homes, commercial tenant upgrades, and exterior renovations.

No matter what services you need for your build-project, Edmonton’s The Make Group construction provides it all. We use in-house architects and drafters to visualize, draft, plan, communicate, and facilitate permits and procurements. From there, we take care of all construction elements, including plumbing, electrical, flooring and carpets, cabinetry and millwork, and painting.

We offer scheduling and workflow management to ensure everything happens on time and budget. Our construction-management service ensures the highest quality of labor, best commercial contractors and material and that all teams are operating according to all health and safety standards.

Know Your Project

We take note of the size of building, birds-eye view of building and land parcel, and your preferences and likes/dislikes. Armed with this knowledge and important details of your project, we prepare your proposal and begin developing your vision.

Develop Project Possibilities

We develop a budget along with initial design specs adhering to standards for architectural drafting, the building codes required, and offer solutions. Our contract follows the Canadian Construction Documents Committe (CCDC) contract guidelines, ensuring a fair and honest relationship between all parties involved.

Long-term Relationship

Before you know it, you'll receive the keys to your completed project. Of course, before you take over, we always do a final walkthrough, ensuring everything meets your expectations, including reviewing any warranty items. We provide you with the best commercial contractors in Canada.

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We bring an inspired approach to all projects we work on, which is why our clients love doing business with us. Have a project in mind?
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