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In commercial construction time is money. We combine the skills of highly skilled and respected industry professionals with today’s innovative construction technology to decrease and eradicate many of the obstacles that can cause costly building delays.

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Our team of Commercial Construction Contractor Calgary has devoted builders that are ready to bring your project to life! Your success is what we’re focused on. Through our commercial and industrial construction services, we’re dedicated to producing the best results, ensuring that your project supports where your business is going. We recognize that our client’s needs are as unique as the buildings they predict. No matter your project’s size, budget, or timeframe, The Make Group has a commercial construction resolution to meet your needs. To learn more about our services and what we can offer your business, please select a category.

General Contracting Services

Our general contracting services are the support on which we have built our business. Our in-house general contracting team has carried hundreds of successful projects via the traditional bid-build method.

From securing permits to the day-to-day organization of trades, materials, and schedules to the final punch list, we have the skills, experience, equipment, and financial strength to complete any project on schedule and budget. We offer a collection of commercial construction services that can be tailored to meet the individual needs and concerns of any project.

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Commercial Construction


Construction management

Our construction management team is composed of some of the most highly skilled and appreciated veteran builders in Calgary who understand the intricacies of developing and applying complex, multi-phased projects.

From the beginning to completion, we work closely with every member of the project team to develop effective communication feedback loops as well as establish clear roles and outlooks.

Utilizing state of the art scheduling software we can streamline the construction process and maximize resource productivity by accurately coordinating and controlling all aspects of a project, including documents, submittals, change orders, client communications, subcontractor and dealer costs, and schedules.

Design and Build

Increasingly clients are opting for our design-build method of creation. Under this partnership, we take the responsibility for providing the best Commercial Construction Contractor Calgary to complete the project from design to construction. With our network of reliable construction professionals combined with our technical abilities our design-build approach provides numerous advantages to our clients:

Pre-construction Planning

Planning is dominant to the success of any construction project. By creating precise and detailed design documents before construction begins, we can mitigate many of the factors that can hinder construction and escalate costs. When you involve THE MAKE GROUP to work with you to develop a useful and financially viable project you are gaining experienced estimating professionals with a wide knowledge base of project costing, historical data and current market trends as well as the most innovative approximating technology that provides real-time information. Our pre-construction services include:

Value Engineering

We view value engineering (VE) as an influential problem-solving tool that can reduce initial/life-cycle costs while preserving or improving the performance and quality of a project. Following the widely recognized SAVE International procedures, we work closely with project team members to establish a VE process that utilizes their knowledge and experience to analyze each element of the design based on what the product or service does in relation to the money spent on it.

By working together our commercial contractor can increase the performance, quality, reliability, and safety of your project as well as minimize or eliminate materials, components, or processes that add to a building’s cost without contributing to its function, ensuring that the best value is attained over the life of the building.

Integrated Project Delivery

Commercial construction is all about coordination, collaboration, and innovative creation. With our Builders, you gain the ability to save time and costs with our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) service. In using this delivery method for service, all players – from architects and engineers to project managers, supervisors and major subtrades – are aligned with the interests and objectives of your project.

We also deliver tenant improvement services such as repairs, modifications, and interior/exterior promotions that enhance the value and appeal of your commercial construction space.  Our maintenance team is a dedicated group of trained tradespeople who can quickly turnaround your property with minimal stress or cost to you. We provide a variety of maintenance services:

Project Management

Construction management boils down to a well-defined, collaborative process that supports your vision. Working closely with you, our ability to oversee the planning, design, and construction of your commercial project brings a level of confidence that your vision is supported at every step of your journey.

Before jumping in and beginning your project, take the time to connect with a company who brings industry information, an obligation to due diligence, and a focus on building for the future of your business.


Owner Site Representative

Our skilled Owner Site Representative’s (OSR) can help clients navigate the construction process by providing expert direction throughout the life project. Our OSRs are completely committed to representing and shielding the owner’s interests at every stage.

Reliability and Safety

Our team brings clarity to where you’re starting from, where you want your project to go, and how to get there in a safe and reliable manner as we draft the vision of what your building could be. We are the best Commercial Construction Contractor in Calgary.

Experience & Expertise

Work with our team of excellent and experienced trades, designers and project managers who work with the latest technology and trends to create ground-breaking solutions while remaining committed to providing quality craftsmanship with fair and honest service.

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