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The Make Group is a multi-faceted construction company that offers specialized services in project and construction organization, pre-construction services, design-build, general contracting. With offices across Alberta, our geographic diversity uniquely positions us to assist our customers with growth plans into new markets.

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As Alberta’s most trusted Construction Company, we have the knowledge and expertise to understand each project’s densities from a variety of angles. This unique viewpoint enables us to offer ground-breaking yet practical solutions to our clients. We build hundreds of projects each year throughout Alberta. Our experienced commercial contractors, work with our clients to create their presence in new markets and support them with their expansion plans. 

In addition, THE MAKE GROUP actively pursues projects through conventional tendering methods. Most of our projects are done under the commercial construction management or Design-Build models, allowing us to work closely with clients, architects, advisors, and sub-trades early in the process to identify the most cost-efficient ways of attaining client goals within the desired timeframes.

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Leading Commercial Contractor

As a leading commercial contractor in Alberta, we understand that teamwork is critical to a project’s success. On all ventures, our in-house quality declaration process starts with our contractors and subcontractors and is carried through until well after construction is finished. As we work on your project, we are constantly measuring quality to help ensure that any problems are caught early and that we achieve the best consequence. We are also available for our clients after the project is complete should any issues or queries arise.

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Commercial Construction

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Expertise and Experience

Our commercial construction experience is widespread, including retail stores, tenant improvements, vehicle authorizations, suburban offices, and more. These are just a few examples of how we often exceed our clients’ expectations. Our skill ranges from tenant improvements to complex office towers, shopping centers, hotels/resorts, and airport facilities for local, nationwide, and international audience.

We are also a leader in sustainable construction. We help clients enhance their building design standards through a three-way bottom line approach of people, planet and revenue, for both planned new and existing amenities. We understand the balance between great design and construction bottlenecks to positively meet our clients’ current sustainability goals.

Designing and Construction

We help clients enhance their building design standards through a triple bottom line approach of people, planet, and profit, for both planned new and existing facilities. We understand the stability between great design and constructability to successfully meet our clients’ current sustainability goals. 

We have accomplished more than 17 million square feet of light industrial buildings across Alberta. Whether it’s a hefty industrial plant site, food processing facility, an industrial park, or an aviation facility within an operating airport terminal, we have constructed them all and have the knowledge to work within these dedicated environments. 

Institutional Construction

Through our established pre-construction facilities approach, project construction management schemes, and design-build techniques, THE MAKE GROUP is ideally suitable to handle the complex projects of the institutional sector.We know how to cooperate with public and private sector clients. The commercial contractors in Alberta have the value in classifying and working with the client, design teams, and project investors early on to create value and an environment for project success. Whether we are building a K-12 educational facility, campus buildings, or a state-of-the-art healthcare or research facility, we can modify our construction approach and procedure to suit any delivery schedule without compromising the quality of the project or safety. We’ve built several single and multi-phased institutional projects across the continent. Our institutional construction experience includes:

Our Special Projects

Each project we complete is exceptional and critically important to our clients, no matter the size or difficulty. THE MAKE GROUP recognizes this when taking on smaller, unique projects such as retail tenant enhancements and smaller stand-alone commercial and industrial developments. With these shorter duration projects, our commercial contractor, can respond to fast-track plans and effectively organize each project to suit our clients’ specific needs.

Our structures provide non-process manufacturing building solutions to our clients in the Oil and Gas, Pipeline, LNG, Mining, and Power Generation Industries. With a geographical reach throughout Alberta, our commercial construction seeks to work with clients that are inspired by safety, quality, and collaboration in the construction of non-process industrial structures. Our project delivery services include: 

Delivery Methods

We understand that your project, and your needs, are exceptional. When you’re ready to start building, we can adapt predictable delivery methods or customize a unique delivery model suited to your goals. Whether its Construction Management, Design Build, or a traditional style of delivery, our experience and value-engineering savvy enable us to produce the best possible result for you and your project.

We, the commercial contractors in Alberta offer extensive knowledge of construction cost data to assist clients during design growth and provide feedback on cost, schedule, and constructability.  We are also available to be a vital part of your sustainability goals whether you need LEED, BOMA or Living Building certification.

Planning and Maintenance

Integrating lean principles helps us in increasing collaboration and maximizing efficiency of our projects. Utilizing the last planner system and pull-planning efficiently allows us to work backwards while maintaining an environment of sincerity and transparency.

Technology and Innovation

We have invested countless hours in ensuring that innovation, technology, and training are used to attain the greatest possible benefit for our clients and the end-user. We focus on reducing waste, improving the efficiency of our workflows and processes, and increasing teamwork through transparency and honest communication.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our ERP system allows for greater competence by providing on-demand, real-time information to our clients regarding the project status including a budget, schedule, quality control processes, and allows us to maximize commercial construction workflow efficiency.

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