7 Tips to Find Trustworthy Companies in Canada for Commercial Construction

Want to build a new office for your growing business? Or maybe renovate your existing office space to make the most of it? Well, in any of the two cases you need the help of your local general contractor who can guide you through the whole process. 

Finding a general contractor in Canada who can be trustworthy seems difficult. There are various options available for the same but not everyone can be trusted. With this article, we assure you to reduce your burden and help you out with a suitable general contractor.


Following are some tips which you will find useful while choosing a General Contractor in Canada :

  • Licensing

It is very important to hire a licensed commercial contractor in order to make your project successful. Many states require commercial contractors to be licensed after meeting the minimum requirements. Your commercial construction company must have an insurance policy and bond. Before you hire a contractor, it is important that you check your license online or at your state’s building licensing department.

To verify the information, your contractor can show you your proof of license and a copy of your certificate of insurance. Don’t forget to make sure that the insurance coverage is sufficient to cover any property damage or injury that may occur at the project site.

  • Experience

Hiring an experienced general contractor will make your project better. If you want a commercial construction in Toronto, then make sure you hire a professional who has previously carried out such projects. You should research the background and past history of his project work before finalizing him with your project. A good track record with a minimum 2-3 years of experience is what you should be looking for. Don’t fall in the trap of those new commercial construction companies who offer you lower bids to hide their lack of experience.

  • Contractor Bids

Bid is the process where the contractor will come up with a plan for the project and gives you the estimate of the project cost. There should not be any information left out of the proposal. So make sure you go through the plan twice with your contractor before finalizing it.

  • Communication with the Contractor

Communication is necessary in any project be it construction or anything else. You and your contractor should communicate effectively all the relevant details about the plan. The communication can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but you should agree with a particular style of communication.

  • Qualities and Skills

Search for a contractor who you think is well qualified for the job. Keep your options open and compare their previous project work. You should not finalize only on the basis of experience, skills are equally important to look for. Look into his works with detail and find out what he is lacking so you can know what you are getting yourself into.

  • Rapport

Building a good relationship with the general contractor is very important. He should be the one with whom you are comfortable working. You and your contractor will be spending a lot of time making critical decisions, so make sure to hire someone who is responsive and friendly. While interviewing him, read his personality and see if you two get along well because you are not on the same page then it might affect your project.

  • References

You should always talk to your references before finalizing a contractor. You can find some references from the commercial construction companies itself. Have a word with them and look into their projects. This way you will know whether the construction company will give you what they have promised. You can also measure the contractor’s integrity and honesty.

It is a good idea to start early when looking for a commercial contractor. Doing so will help you meet many contractors until you find the most comfortable person to work with. With these essential tips, it will be a lot easier to execute commercial construction in Toronto or any other city of Canada. Just follow these basic tips and you are good to go.

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